Programme Monitoring & Evaluation

Organisations are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of both performing evaluations of their programmes and building evaluation opportunities into a programme's infrastructure. Vak International can help assist in both of these endeavours. Utilising the programme logic model approach, we encourage organisations to explore their objectives and derired impacts, and to apply sound research principles to collect relevant data to explore the extent to which these outcomes are achieved. We also encourage the pursuit of economic evaluations, though stress that a programme's value can never be adequately described by dollars and cents alone.

Vak's principals boast over 15 years of combined experience, including the following highlights:

  1. Training government public health officials in Guyana on the science of evaluation.
  2. Training a mental healthy agency in Toronto on the basics of evaluation.
  3. Strategizing an evaluation data collection strategy for a website dedicated to improving children's mental health.
  4. Conduct of a comprehensive evaluation of a human rights project in India.
  5. Conduct of an evaluation feasibility study for a multimillion dollar project of the government of Ontario.