Knowledge Translation & Communications

Knowledge Translation --also called "knowledge exchange", "knowledge dissemination" or "transfer of learning"-- is a vital component to any project or programme. Without a strategy for the transferrence of specialised expertise, knowledge or findings to non-specialists, policy makers and the general public, otherwise important work fails to have an impact.

Vak International's principals are highly experienced communicators specialising in the translation of technical concepts to a non-technical audience. We can assist you with several aspects of the knowledge exchange process:

  1. Translation of technical documents into user friendly language
  2. Creation of marketing documents for employees, clientele, policy makers, media and the general public, based upon your programme's findings or data
  3. The drafting of speeches, op-ed columns and other media products to help get your message to those who need to hear it
  4. Strategising a complete knowledge exchange strategy for your organisation